As a member of the Air Cadet Organisation you will get the opportunity to learn rifle shooting. We teach you to fire weapons safely, in the prone position on both short and long ranges. Typically your shooting experience starts with the Lee Enfield No. 8 .22" Cadet Rifle.

You will start with full training on weapon safety and operation and this is followed by a weapons handling test. Once you have your WHT we'll get you shooting on our 25m indoor range.

You can then progress to a larger calibre rifle, the L98A2 5.56mm. The training for this is a bit more involved as this is a semi-automatic rifle that can be fire on longer ranges.

Other weapons you will get the opportunity to fire include the .177 air rifle and the L85A1.

As you become more proficient in your shooting abilities you can attend various shoots and obtain various levels of markmans awards and enter a number of target shooting competitions.

Marksmanship Awards

Squadron Marksman
Wing Marksman  
Region Marksman  
Corps Marksman