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Provisional Lotto Grant for the New 229 Minibus

posted 13 Jan 2012, 11:44 by 229 Staff
The Squadron has been awarded a provisional Lotto Grant of £10,000 to go towards the purchase of a new minibus for the Squadron.  This is a fantastic boost to our Minibus Appeal and subject to certain requirments being met and documents supplied, the Lotto Grant will be confirmed and the monies released to Squadron funds.  The Lotto grant can only be spent on a new vehicle, so we still have some fundraising to do!
This is great news and a big thank you to Lotto for their generous support.  Further news on the grant will be released once it has been fully confirmed.
Please note that we have been advised by the minibus suppliers that there are now certain towing and roof rack restrictions on a 14 seater minibus and so the Squadron is now looking at purchasing a 17 seater, plus a box trailer.  This means that we require in the order of £27,000 (discounted price incl options and 20% VAT) and a approximately £3,500 for the box trailer.  Our priority is to get the Minibus first but we need the flexibility to be able to tow a trailer, plus with the Squadron growing, the extra seats will be very useful.
The cadets, staff and Civilian Committee have all worked really hard in the last few weeks and the Minibus Appeal now stands at £20,855, so we are more than two thirds of the way to our total target.  If you have any ideas for raising funds for the Appeal, please let the CO know as the sooner we hit the target the sooner we will have a minibus.