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25 Cadets Achieved 42 “Squadron Shooting Blues” & 14 Achieved 31 “Marksmanship Awards”

posted 3 Apr 2012, 11:53 by 229 Staff   [ updated 11 May 2012, 07:04 ]
229 Sqn Shooting Update

Back in September 2011 this unit embarked on a series of shooting competitions. Target Rifle matches can
lead to cadets being selected for GB Cadet Teams or Team GB for the Commonwealth or Olympic Games.

The first being the Battle of Britain which is a postal Target Rifle(TR) match for cadets of the Air Training
Corps. This Match is conducted under the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA). The four man team
were placed 10th in the First Stage and selected to go forward to the 2nd Stage. The Squadron was the only
unit in Surrey Wing to enter and in the 2nd Stage were again placed 10th not moving up but not moving down
the list.

Whilst waiting the first stage results the unit began to practice for the Fennell and The Country Life competitions, two totally different styles of shooting again both postal and both requiring the use of “The Principles of Marksmanship”

These matches are arranged by the Council of Cadet Rifle Shooting (CCRS)

The Fennell is open to not only UK cadet teams but those of the Commonwealth, this being a Target Rifle
match and a good starting point for those who wish to good further. This unit entered 3 teams of eight cadets
and are awaiting the results.

The Country Life is open to schools furnishing contingents to the Combined Cadet Force and to units of the
Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps. This is a Service Rifle (SR) match but still using
the (PofM), this unit entered 1 team and are awaiting the results.

The unit also put forward a Cadet for the ATC Whistler (TR) Team but missed the cut.

Also this unit has run Initial Weapon/Rifle Training for our No8 .22” Rifle which is used for both SR & TR
shooting, plus L98A2 Cdt GP Rifle which is our full-bore SR and .22” & 7.62mm TR ready for the coming years

During all this training 14 of ours cadets have so far achieved a 23 SR and 8 TR marksmanship awards.

Service Rifle

Match Rifle

2nd Class Shot



1st Class Shot



Squadron Marksman



Wing Marksman



Regional Marksman



Quote from Wing Commander George Campbell, OC Shooting Development Team

“The Skills that cadets acquire when learning how to shoot have a huge influence over their
behaviour both within the Corps and throughout their lives through self determination, honing
their ability, patience, self discipline and a focus in a controlled and safe environment”